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Jarvis Johnson had his whole life planned out by the time he was 18.  He indulged in the creative arts and dedicated his life to building a theme park by the time he turned 40.  His love of books and his desire to reach his lifetime goal has earned him academic recognition and an honorable GPA at Langhorne High.  Although smart, creative, intelligent, and open-minded, Jarvis still feels socially unpopular and intends to be somebody because ultimately, he feels like a nobody.

            All of that changes once he, his sister, and four other students are abducted by an alien vessel and are brought to an intergalactic zoo.  Jarvis struggles to keep his companions safe and alive.  However, his conflict becomes an internal struggle as he develops unusual psychic abilities that were buried deep in his subconscious.  It is this discovery of the true human psyche that will either save or endanger the possibility of ever returning home. 


Mioli is not an alien to be messed with.  Although she was brought to the planet of Zuu in its very early beginnings as an orphan, she has managed to survive as a roving nomad through its very different environments.  She is resourceful, spiritual, noble, athletic, and extremely self-sufficient.  She has associated with many different alien cultures on Zuu and is very acquainted with their lifestyles and customs.

            By no means is she content in living the life of a planet wanderer.  Her people, the Koz, were enslaved by the Eszok long before Zuu was developed to build their incredibly innovative machines.  Mioli managed to escape from their clutches, but after years of forcing the Koz to work endlessly, they eventually died off, leaving Mioli alone and unconnected with her species.  She vows to stop the Eszok in any way she can through sabotage and organizing uprisings throughout Zuu.  Her main hope is that humans will possess the power needed to tip the scales in her favor and finally defeat the Eszok. 


He’s furry, friendly, and only four feet tall.  Constantly curious and particularly protective, Nuvu helps Jarvis and his clan out of the most dangerous situations they encounter on Zuu.  He is an Echolakian, a morpher capable of transforming himself into any alien species that he’s ever seen, including humans.  When danger presents itself, Nuvu can change himself into any alien creature that’s three times his size and reflect its strength and mannerisms perfectly.  He is a master of disguise and a fierce guardian.  Good thing he’s one of the good guys!


It is a possibility that the Gatekeeper may have the most stressful job in the universe.  Not only does he micro manage the functions, technical procedures, and maintenance of an entire planet full of intelligent creatures, his boss is the Eszok Hiare, an elusive superior of the tyrannical Eszok race.  His orders vary from capturing innocent aliens from their home worlds, submitting those aliens to life-threatening experiments for the Eszok’s nefarious purposes, to controlling the robotic forces of the Zuuminion, the collective guarding establishment on Zuu.  It’s grueling, harsh work but the Gatekeeper is well equipped to handle his job sufficiently.

            Born from a planet called Vo Gaya, his race of aliens are well known to be quite detached from their emotional constraints.  Although Gayans are not completely heartless, the Gatekeeper has managed to keep his sensitivities in check when shipping around other life forms as lifeless cargo.  He has a job to do and he refuses to let his emotions get the best of him.  His harsh, militant, and vigorous behavior is one of the reasons why the Eszok put him in charge of the Zuuminion in the first place.


The planet of Zuu is a highly organized and technologically advanced world that harbors a wide variety of alien species from every quadrant of the galaxy.  However, those species did not come willingly.  They were kidnapped from their worlds and forced to survive in artificial habitats that replicated the environments of their individual planets.  The wicked Eszok had a purpose for gathering these species and they needed a watchman to guard over them.  The need for a Sarok, a sort of planetary shepherd, became obvious.  Therefore, Os-Gouvox was created. 

            Unlike a gentle and kind human shepherd, Os-Gouvox is a robotic entity that is the complete opposite.  He is wholly feared for he will regularly capture the inhabitants of Zuu and deliver them to the Eszok to be questioned, studied, experimented on, and ultimately, murdered.  He is a liaison between the captured aliens on Zuu and the narcissistic Eszok, but more often he is identified as a hunter, abuser, and executioner.  He has an explosive temper, insists on violence, and acts on his own accord when the heads of his masters are turned.  He has no affection for life, and will not reason with those that do.  Although he was created to maintain order among the Zuu captives, he became a sleek, vile planetary predator and the Eszok allowed it to be so. 


The universe is full of exotic and wonderful creatures, but it also contains a good amount of wickedness, too.  Meet the Eszok, the dominant race of aliens that have combed the universe capturing innocent aliens and shipping them off to Zuu for scientific experiments and study.  The Eszok are searching for a powerful ability or "viku" that is apparent in all lifeforms, but is different in each alien species.  The Eszok lack their own "viku" and wish to siphon that ability or abilities out of an alien species and integrate it into their own to make themselves more powerful.  The Eszok are heartless, extremely advanced in technology, soulless, and do not regard life as something sacred.  You do not want to meet one of them in a dark alley. 

I cannot thank Fabian Saravia enough for bringing my characters into visual form for everyone to see.  You've practically read my mind!  Thank you so much!  You can visit his site, see more of his beautiful work, and leave him as message at

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