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New Artwork from famed artist Bruce Brenneise

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The world of Zuu is a visual buffet of strange environments and unusual locales. Bringing this story to life requires the talents of artists who can think beyond the box and make an imaginative planet a reality. Bruce Brenneise is an esteemed freelance illustrator whose incredible vision of unique environements is made possible by his use of vibrant color and dynamic perspective. In one of his latest pieces, he has given us a view of the Gatekeeper's Compound. When alien species from all over the galaxy are brought to Zuu, they are captured by "hunter crafts" which dock at the Gatekeeper's compound and are then inspected, cleaned, tagged, and distributed to different habitats on the planet. Thank you, Bruce, for giving readers an awesome visual to my story! You can find Bruce's breathtaking work on his website at and also at

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